INVOCATION’s world premiere performance took place at URBAN-15 in San Antonio, Texas, as part of the Sonic Provocation Series. Here’s the review from Deborah Martin of the San Antonio Express News:

“Do yourself a favor and carve out a little time Sunday afternoon for “Invocation” at Urban-15.

invocation002The show, created and performed by Laurie Dietrich and Erik Bosse, is an hour of well-crafted storytelling. Dietrich and Bosse wrote 60 short pieces and numbered them. Over the course of the hour, they take turns pulling numbered balls from fishbowls and quietly reading the number; that determines which stories are read and in what order.

For each performance, they read 20 pieces. On Saturday night, Dietrich read pieces that offered childhood memories as well as stories about encounters with people; a lot of Bosse’s stories dealt with nature and travels off the beaten path.

They each have NPR-ready voices, and they’re both masterful storytellers.

There are other elements to the piece, too.

As they read, images connected with the stories are projected onto a screen behind them, and the space is also filled with related sounds. The piece is broken into three acts, and each act begins with a relatively simple score. With each story, more sounds are layered onto that first track, so the soundscape grows more complex. The soundscape stitches the pieces together.”