November 4-6, 2016, we debuted the full-length INVOCATION at URBAN-15 in San Antonio, Texas, as part of their Sonic Provocations Series. The show is, by design, different every time. We captured this version of it during the technical rehearsal the afternoon before opening night. We recommend headphones!

Here is a shorter clip, just two pieces, from that same rehearsal:

May 25th, 2016, We presented a variation of INVOCATION for the W-I-P program’s end-of-season event, W-I-P Crème. As guest artists for this review show, we decided to create a piece specifically for the evening. CRÈME-ATION is an eight minute mini-INVOCATION, where five short prose pieces were chosen randomly from a collection of twelve. In keeping with the INVOCATION approach, each story was accompanied by a projected photo, to a building soundscape. The show was staged at Jump-Start Performance Co., San Antonio, TX. All twelve of the pieces that make up CRÈME-ATION are archived here.



May 3rd, 2016, We read some pieces from INVOCATION at Gemini Ink’s Big Give SA fundraising event, Step Up to the Mic, at Viva Tacoland. Although we hadn’t officially signed up for the open mic session, Gemini Ink director, Shelia Fiona Black, who knew we were keen to read, welcomed us on stage at the close of the event. We kept it short, just two pieces, which seemed to go over well.


April 1st and 2nd, 2016, three early iterations of INVOCATION were staged at Jump-Start Performance Co. for their 8 x 8 program.

On Friday the first, Erik screened a film, Up the 98th Meridian West: 8 Destinations. Here it is:

Also, Laurie presented a ritual monologue, 8 Prayers in Passing: Road Trip Musings. Here is a video recreation of the piece:

The following night, Saturday the 2nd, we both presented Invoc8tion, an eight-minute multimedia performance piece similar in concept to the larger INVOCATION.