11903822_10153543465994028_1418613353877160529_nLaurie Dietrich is a writer, director, and performance artist working in Texas and San Antonio theaters for 25 years. A co-founder of The Shoestring Shakespeare Company, she served as its Artistic Director from 1995-2002, guiding critically-acclaimed seasons that mixed canonical scripts, contemporary classics and new works by local playwrights. Since 2002, Dietrich has focused on developing and directing new and contemporary scripts, with an emphasis on solo works, including the creation of two solo shows on commission for San Antonio’s Witte Museum. After a long association with the organization as a guest artist, Dietrich became a member of the artistic company of Jump-Start Performance Co., San Antonio’s 30-year-old, nationally-recognized experimental theatre ensemble, in 2011. Her current interest is in the intersection of ritual and theatre, and the creation of ritual-based, interactive performance work. More information can be found on her website: lauriedietrich.com


rebsqErik Bosse is a writer, filmmaker, and creative collaborator whose work, for over a decade, has sought to illuminate the creative individuals and institutions of San Antonio. His film work has been commissioned by Luminaria, Three Chord Media, Aerial Horizons, Proyectos en Movimiento, Jump-Start Performance Co., and many others. Bosse has produced several film festivals, and he has sat on various boards, committees, and review panels associated with the San Antonio arts and cultural milieu. Bosse attended the University of Sussex with an emphasis on English literature and art history; he studied creative writing at SMU under novelist C. W. Smith; and he studied filmmaking with Andy Anderson at the University of Texas at Arlington. After a lengthy career in the antiquarian book business, Bosse decided to pursue his passion for film. In 2002 he moved to San Antonio to co-produce a feature film, and he has been working in this city ever since, as a busy writer, photographer, filmmaker, and theater artist. Much of his work can be found on his website: erikbosse.com