INVOCATION is a performance art piece we’re calling “an evening of enhanced storytelling.” Sometimes we call it a “literary concert.” There are images, and sounds, and words, and together they make little stories that come together to make a bigger story that changes every time we perform it.

Sixty stories. Little bits of flash-fiction, paired with photographs and soundscapes. You’ll only hear a few of them. We draw numbers randomly, share with you the pieces associated with the drawn numbers, in the order they’re drawn. We take turns. Images appear and disappear. The soundscape builds; evolving, generative. A story emerges. Your story might be the same as ours, but probably not. Your story might be the same as the person’s sitting next to you. But probably not. Invoking the muses to give shape to these seemingly disparate text selections, images, and sound elements means invoking as many different stories as their are people in the room.

Each performance of INVOCATION is, therefore, unique. The show is presented in three short acts, without intermission. Total run time is approximately one hour.

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